Q) Do you drill wells?

A) No we do not. We can install the pump after a well driller comes in and drills the well.

Q) What does my pressure tank do?

A) A pressure tank holds a small amount of water to help keep your pump from turning on every time you use it. A pressure tank does not cause high pressure or low pressure. If your pump is cycling ( turning on and off often or rapidly) then your tank may need to be recharged with air or its is in need of replacement.

Q) Do you repair pumps?

A) Yes we do. We can repair almost all domestic (Jet) pumps and irrigation pumps (Centrifugal). We can repair spa/pool pumps as well as sub-turbine and turbine pumps.

Q) What can I do if my pump stops working after your closed for the day/weekend?

A) You can call our shop and get the number for our after hours service technician. They can come out and repair or replace your domestic water pump.

Q) How often should I have my pump checked out?

A) Domestic house pumps should have a yearly service check done on them to make sure that everything is running smoothly. If its a irrigation pump you should have it serviced at least every 3 years or at any point that it is not sounding right or producing what it should be. Turbine motors should be checked every couple of years.

Q) I need a new pump, can you give me estimate for it?

A) Yes we can. Call us with the information on your well (depth, water level, distance to power) and we can get a estimate made for you.

Q) Do you work on septic systems?

A) No we do not. We can sell you a new septic pump, but are unable to work on them.

Q) Do you design sprinkler systems?

A) We are no longer designing sprinkler systems. We can repair a existing system for you.

Q) Do you blow out sprinkler systems?

A) Yes we do. We also can get your system started up and adjusted in the spring.